Our Transfer Window Could Have Been Worse. We Could Have Listened To Chris Sutton.

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Sometimes I think Chris Sutton likes to talk just to hear the sound of his own voice.

He was as vocal as anyone when it came to criticising us the other night when the transfer window shut, and he was quite right to.

Key parts of the team weren’t touched at all.

But Jesus … when you listen to who he would have signed for us instead you are reminded that his own spell as manager was mercifully brief. Over the last few years he’s made signing “suggestions” for Celtic that were so bad you understand why in an instant.

This weekend was no exception.

“I like the signing of Boyce by Hearts,” he said. “And do you know what? I am a little bit surprised that Celtic or (the Ibrox club) didn’t go for him, because I think that he is a proven goal scorer, and he would have been a strong back-up.”

Sutton is “surprised” that Celtic didn’t take a bargain bin punt on a player from England’s third tier?

And what do you reckon would have been his reaction if, instead of spending £3.5 million on a Polish Under 21 striker, we’d gone out and done just that?

We all know exactly what Sutton and others would have said, because it’s exactly the same thing as every single one of us would have.

We’d have screamed about penny pinching, about lack of ambition, about the utter waste of signing such a sub-par player and leaving him on the bench.

Which is exactly what we’d have done and where he’d have been.

Whatever mistakes we might have made in this window, the failure to “strengthen” our squad with a player from Burton Albion was most certainly not amongst them.

Neither was our failure to listen to Chris Sutton.

When you think of how disappointed most of us were already, can you imagine if our signings have been Lawrence Shankland, Aaron Hickey and Boyce, as advocated by Sutton and other assorted hacks at various times in the past few weeks?

Good God, it doesn’t even bear thinking about.

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