Sevco Faces Humiliation And Fixture Congestion As Their Game Today Is Called Off.

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Poor old Sevco. It doesn’t get any easier being them, does it?

Their match today has been called off due to the abysmal state of their pitch.

Those who wanted some outward sign that the financial bite is beginning to be felt should look no further than that dire embarrassment of a playing surface. Rumours about cutbacks on such things as drainage have been confirmed today in spades.

Their ultra-modern stadium has not held up to the “rigors” of Scottish weather.

Gerrard, who attended the pitch inspection, will be fuming. It is amateur hour at Ibrox.

At this point there is no danger to our game tomorrow.

Oh how sweet would it be if we got up there, played, won and went 13 points clear? Sevco’s two games in hand will have to be squeezed in there somewhere, but where? It almost makes you hope they find a way past Braga, as I really don’t know where all their fixture dates are coming from.

One of the things that obviously concerned me was the possibility that we too might have to shuffle and re-arrange games to accommodate an extended European run. This is why it’s important that we don’t suffer any of these delays with our own games.

That concern has been well and truly alleviated with this news today; Sevco needs two free midweeks somewhere, and it’s stands to reason that those would fit nicely into the slot if we go through in the Europa League and they go out. But I am tantalised by the prospect of them facing a fixture pile-up in the latter stage of this campaign, especially if it ends up with us winning this title by a mammoth margin. Whatever would they do then?

What this does to them, in the meantime, is makes them look like a desperate amateurish organisation.

That pitch of theirs has been a disgrace for months, and even Gerrard himself has snarked about it, before someone in the club told him to shut it. Well, let’s see if he moans his wee face off now that it’s looking like costing them.

The decision not to schedule their game in hand during December must have looked like a good decision at that time, giving them a free midweek as we slogged it out … winning every game before the one at Celtic Park. Now it looks like an act of folly.

At Ibrox it was ever thus.

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