Sevconia Erupts As The SFA Decides Griffiths Has No Case To Answer For His Alleged Stamp At The Weekend.

Image for Sevconia Erupts As The SFA Decides Griffiths Has No Case To Answer For His Alleged Stamp At The Weekend.

In spite of a media campaign which was approaching levels of hysteria, Leigh Griffiths will not face further action as a result of his alleged “stamp” on Sunday past.

The SFA looked at the incident and have decided that there is no case to answer.

Cue the outpouring of rage from elsewhere, which was inevitable.

I cannot believe some of the outright guff that has been talked about that incident, and the worst was from Ally McCoist who alleged that “Morelos would have been sent off” for the same thing. The pushing of this conspiracy theory is exactly why Michael Stewart snapped last night.

For the record; Morelos has avoided sanction for far worse.

That will not stop Sevconia from losing its mind over this. Indeed, if you take a peek at their forums they are off and running already. If The Daily Record can crib comments from them to suggest that Morelos’ life is in danger, I can certainly do it to highlight the nuttiness.

“Deary me. We really are a backwater league. An utter embarrassment,” one said.

And you know what?

That’s the first one that I was able to use, because it didn’t involve bad language, sectarianism, allusions to paedophilia or any of their usual gutter-trawling.

“There is no honesty or integrity left in the game. This is as blatant a case of bias as you will ever see in professional sport,” howls another, clearly not up to snuff on refereeing scandals down through the years which have sent people to prison.

“The unseen fenian hand is certainly no longer unseen,” another wails.

I do love that one. I do love the idea that the Unseen Hand controls events far and wide.

It gets around, that hand, and nowhere is safe from its pernicious influence. It has even – if you believe these raving lunatics – infiltrated the highest offices in the land, and even corrupted those organisations which operate beneath the Crown and the Flag they so treasure.

“Kevin Clancy, Michael Stewart (the guy spelled Michael wrong; I’ve corrected it.) Tom Boyd. That was probably the panel.”

Read this one for gibbering lunacy;

“Disgraceful if unsurprising. The level of fear of upsetting one club is now so far off the scale it is no surprise they are accused of exerting improper influence and corruption.”

Yes, Sevconia is raging.

With Michael Stewart already in their sights and a lettering and email campaign against the BBC to have him sacked well underway, they are now demanding that the club act against the SFA for not punishing a Celtic player in a match where they weren’t involved in any way, shape or form.

It keeps them busy, this stuff.

And it keeps the rest of us entertained.

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