The Guardian Says Sky Are Currently Banned From Celtic’s Press Conferences.

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According to The Guardian’s Ewan Murray, who this site praised earlier to do in an article on last night’s Ibrox statement, Sky journalists have been expressly forbidden from attending Celtic’s last two press conferences as the club moves into a period of non-co-operation with them over their handling of the notorious Morelos interview.

Sky will now be struggling to resolve the issue before Sunday’s game against Aberdeen, which the broadcaster is scheduled to show.

This is the first time in a long time that Celtic has refused to work with a media outlet, and will be music to the ears of many fans.

This stand-off shows no signs of reaching an early conclusion.

Sky are under real pressure now to reveal the source of that interview.

That might explain the lunatic, and rabid, tone of the last night’s press release out of Ibrox.

The panic is definitely on.

If a solution is not found by the weekend, Sky will be denied access to the Celtic management team and the players both before and after the game. It is a move that many feel would should have taken a while ago, and you get the impression that the Morelos interview is only the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Kris Boyd was the subject of a complaint last month.

It is good to see Celtic taking this stuff seriously. Our hard line – which the club did not broadcast or announce in public – is as welcome as it is unexpected. The club is obviously still raging about this and the events of yesterday, where Sky headlined the arrest of a 12 year old fan, will not have done anything to calm things down.

Our club is coming out swinging. I don’t think any of us would argue that it’s not before time.

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