The SFA’s Latest Charges Against Celtic Are An Insulting, Transparent Attempt To Placate Sevconia.

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Late last month, the SFA released a statement that said Morelos had escaped from his despicable gesture to the Celtic fans.

The same statement announced an intention to charge Sevco with breach of SFA regulations for a “failure to ensure their players conduct themselves in an orderly fashion.” Morelos’ throat slit gesture was thus folded in with Kent’s and the overall behaviour of the Ibrox team in the last few minutes of the game.

Sevco social media went nuts first.

Then the club piled in, with more of its bluster and threats. Celtic fans weren’t terribly happy either. The offences demanded a much harsher punishment. The SFA’s decision to hit Sevco with a lesser charge was a travesty and an insult to our club and our fans.

It was a pathetic attempt to ride the middle of the road.

Yet the response out of Ibrox has still spooked them.

When the press started to push for Griffiths being done for his alleged “stamp” I knew the SFA would cave and do something to “level the playing field” on behalf of the Ibrox club; I thought they would attempt to do Griffiths but when that failed yesterday I had no idea what else it could possibly be.

And then the news from today. Two separate charges. One relating to the weekend’s handbags and the other relating to Jozo Simunovic at Thistle. Where in God’s name did that come from? This is so transparent, so pathetic, so clearly a sop to Ibrox that it makes your head spin to contemplate it.

These are the very definition of “trumped up charges.”

Celtic must not tolerate this. The fines involved will be miniscule; neither offence carries much more than a slap on the wrist.

But that’s not the damned point.

We’re being disciplined not because our players deserve it but as part of a rancid PR exercise.

That’s not how the system is supposed to work.

It will be a travesty if we roll over and accept this.

The SFA looks a joke again tonight, but when they have ever been anything else?

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