Three More Points, Another Psychological Blow Struck … And The Governing Bodies Flapping Over Fixtures.

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Yesterday at Pittodrie we struck another massive psychological blow in this title race, and racked up yet another win on the road.

Wasn’t this supposed to be the point by which Sevco would already have moved in front of us?

Wasn’t Lennon supposed to be ready to fold up his tent by the time because of the pressure from the stands?

A handful of hold-outs continue to undersell what this guy is achieving here.

I don’t know, frankly, what they are waiting on before they offer Lennon the credit he deserves? Fastest manager to hit 50 wins? Done it. An eighty percent overall win ratio since taking back the reins? Of course. Domestic trophies won, form taking us to another title? Check.

That was a scrap yesterday, but those win titles as much as the 5-0 victories do and the manner of it, the way we fought and didn’t settle for the point, would have given the Sevco team another horrific weight to carry going out onto their own travesty of a pitch for the game against Livingston.

They too scrapped their way to the three points, but the feeling that they are going through the motions now is very strong. Livingston hit the post late … that would have been it.

Our winner came from an unlikely player; Kris Ajer marauding up the right flank. I thought Lennon might bring on Frimpong late, because I wondered what possible good trying to convert Ajer to a wing-back might do … well this is why I’m not a professional manager.

McInnes said at the end of the game that “one or two” of our players would have taken a draw from the game at the moment we scored the winner.

What arrant nonsense that man talks at times. Once again he’s talking garbage, and trying to deflect from the real questions Aberdeen fans should be asking him, such as why he had his best footballer on the bench for the better part of the game?

When I realised Cosgrove was not in the side I couldn’t believe it and I’m sure that Lennon couldn’t either.

What McInnes means is that he would have been happy with a point … but we all knew that anyway.

The players celebrated at the end like the title had already been secured, but every one of them is well aware that this is not the case, and in particular when the league may still have an ugly sting in mind for us before this campaign ends.

Today in the papers, the SPFL are in a flap because Celtic might have five home games to play after the split; if we do that’s just too damned bad, and you would struggle to find anyone who would argue that it was unfair.

But The Record has speculated that we might see at least one of them moved to be another away match … this is ridiculous.

The split is a joke, and that it still causes these problems is an embarrassment, but we shouldn’t be penalised for any mess.

This is Scotland though, and anything can happen here. Maybe the SPL, in the interests of “fairness” since we don’t look as if we can be stopped, will insist we play all five of our games after the split away from home? Don’t put anything past them.

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