Alan Brazil’s Edouard Comments Are Pig Ignorant, Arrogant EPL-Centric Drivel.

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Alan Brazil thinks Tottenham should have signed Edouard in January.

As if it were that simple.

That, alone, is not completely absurd although the idea that we would have entertained the prospect of selling him most certainly is.

But his comments go further and expose yet more EPL-centric arrogance amongst the hacks down there.

He reckons that Edouard could have been brought in as an expensive stop-gap, and then thanked for his service and moved on if Spurs chose to revert to one man up front again when their injury issues have cleared up. What arrant nonsense this is.

It’s an insult, first to Celtic and then to Edouard himself.

He is the best footballer to play in Scotland since the King of Kings, and is easily good enough to hold his own in the EPL.

Way back when we sold Dembele to Lyon, I thought the player had made a mistake in going to France when top clubs in England were sniffing. But I actually think now that their attitude towards a player arriving from Scotland would have been shocking, and would have severely undersold the big man.

He did the right thing in moving to France first.

I reckon Edouard will be at Celtic Park next season; I reckon he’ll get his enhanced deal and that he will see out ten in a row and perhaps even a year after that. He’s young enough that it’s still all out in front of him. He’s going to be a huge star wherever he winds up next.

But I increasingly hope it isn’t England.

He will have options in Germany, France and elsewhere; there are even rumours that PSG consider his sale a mistake and would be interested in bringing him back.

That would be a fine move for him.

We should enjoy him whilst he’s here, but wherever he ends up next he will not be a stop gap signing any more than he was when we brought him to Celtic Park.

He is not a bench warming player.

He is a top tier talent who deserves more respect than the dismissive ignorance of pundits who’ve spent too long in the orbit of the over-rated EPL.

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