As We Head For The Title Sevco Is Fighting Dirtier Than Ever And The Media Is Allowing Them To Do It.

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What a season this has turned out to be. A lot has gone on and no one will surprised to learn that I have strong opinions on much of it.

So, if I may, I have returned from my own temporary exclusion in exile to tell some Home Truths.

I could start at a number of different places; the football on the park, the behaviour of managers and others off it, the media, of course, never being far away … but all of that for a different day. Let’s start with what is front and centre, the virus related call-off.

This is not the forum for discussions on the wider societal issues, but this is where we discuss the effect on Scottish football and how this situation is being used.

Games have rightly been postponed and that has caused questions to be raised about associations completing competitions. It looks impossible. While everyone looks at the impact on the game and looks for answers, we have an issue here of tremendous social and political significance, and once again it has been weaponized by Ibrox.

It’s important to look at the background to this behaviour first; this is a club and a fan base that have used the abuse of children as a weapon in their pathetic attempts to glean any victory over us off the field to make up for the ones they can’t secure on it.

Their foaming at the mouth, rabid dog style approach makes them look dreadful, even as they try to do the same to us. Imagine bringing this stuff to debates about our game, even though these are not actually football matters.

So when the decision was finally made to postpone games and the question of when we would return raised, they immediately weaponized it, with their talk that we should have a void season and no title. At the same time, they demanded their European place and even the money.

The media let them do it, of course.

So pathetic are they, so desperate for anything that even a void is now seen as a victory.

This is who we are dealing with.

Death and abuse are their hopes.

In any normal country you’d have the press immediately saying “no this is not right, find a way to complete or call it now.”

But in this country we have media who’s submission to Ibrox is what’s fuelling uncertainty and fear at clubs, with the crisis set to go on and on.

Look at who they call on to make their case; idiots like Gray, as James has just said.

Clowns like McCoist, Rae and Hutton. Every one an Ibrox player. Each one a tax cheat.

Against a crown they claim to love.

These people should have no place in our football discourse. They should be in prison.

But this is Scotland. That’s why we’re in such bother here.

Dave Campbell is a Celtic fan and blogger from Glasgow.

As Scottish football goes through the current crisis it is important to keep up with developments and the key issues. We are determined to do so, and to keep you informed as well. Please subscribe to the blog.

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