Bitter BBC Hacks Don’t Think Neil Lennon Deserved To Be Manager Of The Month.

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Yesterday, on BBC Scotland, there was a bizarre discussion about the manager of the month award.

It seems that some of the hacks don’t want this to be decided on merit, but on other factors.

The subject came up because Lennon has won his third such award this season, for winning a clean slate of league games in February.

No other manager did that. Lennon’s 100%-win record could not be beaten, of course, but it wasn’t even matched.

Yet Tom English and a few others don’t believe that should matter.

Lennon “didn’t do anything unexpected” was the pitiful resistance offered up. What’s unexpected? Running onto the pitch naked at full time? Who would they have given it to? The boss of Hamilton? Kilmarnock? Hearts? St Johnstone?

“You could make a case for …” was about as far as they got to actually doing so. English had one suggestion, Ferguson another, Chick Young weighed in with his own … none of those who’s case they promoted had anywhere near the record Lennon did.

For the record, the month opened with a 4-1 away win at Hamilton. Then a 4-0 away win at Motherwell. Then we beat Hearts 5-0 at Celtic Park. We went to Pittodrie, our third tricky away fixture in four, and won 2-1. We also beat Kilmarnock 3-1.

We scored eighteen goals. We conceded three.

We moved decisively clear in the league race, so these players were doing this under enormous pressure. Lennon masterminded it all, including the changes in tactics which got that result and that was clear most in the Aberdeen game where we had to battle for the points.

This is another in the long list of media attempts to devalue our achievements.

For our players and our manager to keep delivering like this, over and over again, is nothing short of incredible. We are never going to get the full measure of credit for it, we all know that, but when the hacks “debate” nonsense like this you see just how little of it we get.

The BBC is a joke at times.

When it’s not trying to censor the few good journalists it has it lets the idiots out of the padded room.

Yesterday I was embarrassed for them.

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