Brown’s Excellent Message To Fans Was More Great Leadership From Our Captain.

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Watching Scott Brown send his message to fans the other day, I was reminded again of how lucky our club is to have such a leader, such a man, at our club.

He epitomises what makes Celtic great.

This crisis will put the tin lid on his legendary status.

Brown has always been a leader, but he has grown into the role at Celtic in the last six or seven years, becoming the walking epitome of the club. These the moments that great ambassadors are born from and there is just no doubt whatsoever that this is Scott’s stature at Parkhead now.

He is a true role model everyone connected to us.

How do you replace this? It’s the question that will haunt us all the way.

Look across the city; Gerrard is their biggest personality, and they have him in mothballs lest he be asked, and have to answer, the dreaded Liverpool question. The social media video they posted of Mark Hatelely delivering hand sanitiser to nuns … that will go down in history with the Charles Green Christmas video as a “don’t watch alone” piece their fans.

Apart from anything else, it a blatant exploitation of this disaster the purposes of promoting their bizarre Anyone Everyone campaign, the full measure of which can be found each and every time you check out their online forums, dripping with hatred and bile.

It’s especially grim when you consider that this was ’s response … hand wash.

We donated £150,000 to the local community so far, and that’s probably just the beginning.

Brown’s video was quality.

A heartfelt appeal to the supporters, a morale raiser, full of good sense and compassion.

A “watch out yourselves and each other” piece, beautifully pitched and a timely reminder that we more than a club, we’re a family.

What a man he is. I am proud to have him representing us on and off the pitch.

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