Celtic Battled For That Win Today On A Dreadful Pitch And Amidst Stinking Refereeing.

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Well, that was a fight. From start to finish, that was a battle.

But this team rises to the occasion in a battle. We have so many players who can pop up on these massive days and today the honours went to Christie, again.

He wants this trophy. He wants all of the trophies.

He is one of those guys who will put himself in harm’s way to win when it matters.

You can buy those guys, of course. But they aren’t cheap. Look at Jullien, who looked as if he was claiming the goal but didn’t. He is the second biggest signing in the history of Celtic, and days like today are exactly why. Jullien was in there, fighting for it.

That man never stops. He was immense again today.

Immense. He is the proof – and the board better take note of this – then when you pay big bucks you get big players, and few in this side right now are as big as he is. He thrives on days like today and aside from defending our own goal he was up fighting for chances against the opposition keeper … he’s a top footballer.

He already has a seriously big cup tie winning goal in this campaign, of course.

It’s players like this who are carrying us forward right now, big, big players who can come through for you in big, big games. Sevco has no-one of this quality, not even close. And if that’s true of them what chance to do other clubs have? Those who can’t spend £20 million.

St Johnstone have been on excellent form of late, and although I had hoped for a glittering display I didn’t really think we’d get one when I saw that disgrace of a pitch. What a state it was. It looks worse than the one at Ibrox and, of course, that isn’t high praise.

Celtic has done the business yet again though. We’re back at Hampden.

We belong at Hampden. Sevco fans can only look on in envy at our record of getting to that ground. The three other clubs who have made it through are making a bit of a habit of it … I don’t even care who we get in the semi-final; on the big open pitch with another treble to win its ours to lose.

The nagging fear I have is of the Mibbery stepping up to the plate to deny us. That was a typically dire refereeing display; we got kicked off the park and he was content to let it happen. And Lennon is right; where in God’s name did all those minutes come from?

I suspect that more than a few Celtic players will be turning up for the treatment room tomorrow; we just have to hope that none of them are going to be out for a while.

Not that it matters. This squad is good enough to cope.

Since returning from the break we’ve won every domestic game.

Our European slip in midweek is already a pale shadow of memory.

We’re in another cup semi final.

We’re on the way to another domestic clean sweep.

The rest can only look on in envy, and frustration, as the run goes on … and on … and on.

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