Celtic Has Released An Excellent Statement Today. So What Does It Say And What Does It Mean?

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Celtic has released a marvellous statement today, which you can read here.

It is one which recognises the gravity of this moment, understanding both its social significance and pledging that not only will we get through it as a club, and as a Family, but that we are about to announce an initiative to help out in the wider community as well. This is who we are. This is why I love Celtic so much.

The statement is the first major one out of the club during this crisis, and it not only magnanimous in its wishing those clubs who are struggling well, but it refrains from some of the more hysterical nonsense we’ve all read from other clubs.

The portion many people will be interested in is this bit;

“With regard to the present domestic Premiership League situation, our strong preference is, of course, to complete all remaining matches. To date, we have had a magnificent campaign, undefeated in this calendar year, completing 30 league matches already to create a commanding lead and we are now on the cusp of winning our ninth successive title.

“As many have already said, the season cannot be voided as the consequences of that are so severe. In the event that the matches cannot be completed, then the responsibility to find a fair and reasonable solution for the finalisation of all domestic leagues will be with the Scottish football governing bodies.

“We hope that the governing bodies are able to provide some clarity to clubs and supporters as soon as possible on the way forward, although we appreciate that this is a hugely demanding time.”

It is basically our club calling out the “void the campaign” nutters for what they are; people who would see our game wrecked it they thought there was the slightest advantage to be gained for them in watching it all burn.

It’s important that the club re-iterates this, so it comes as no surprise to learn that we’d prefer the games to be played but that in the event they cannot the idea of voiding the season and pretending it never happened is outright lunacy.

Some people are perfectly comfortable with that, of course.

But to me, the closing paragraphs were just as important, because whilst some scrabble around for personal gain and more are campaigning vigorously with no intent but to settle scores and inflict injury on others, Celtic is thinking about the community.

“We are pleased to announce today that we are putting resources in place with the aim of helping the most vulnerable in our society during this period and we will make an announcement shortly with regards to these plans. Our aim is to do as much as we possibly can to help those in need.”

That’s the kind of thing we all want to hear. What’s the betting that part of the statement isn’t the bit that they put in the headlines?

It ends with a note to the supporters.

“While this is a situation which is developing constantly, we will continue to keep our supporters updated as much as we possibly can. We thank you for your continued support, we wish you and your families well and we look forward to you being back with us as soon as possible.”

It was a perfect response from us. Compassionate, caring, wholly minus any grandstanding or the kind of deranged rambling we’ve seen elsewhere. No legal threats, no foot stamping, no dummy spitting. Even sympathy for those clubs who are in trouble.

Nice of us to be so generous with that, wasn’t it? Especially when you consider that one of those clubs is the one across town, as our directors know full well.

Well done Celtic; that was the statement we all wanted to see, and signed off by Lawwell himself, which is another demonstration of that man at his best.

We might disagree with him on several key issues, but he is a superb ambassador for us at times like this, and the contrast between him and the sneering prat at Ibrox could not be more stark.

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