Celtic Will Decide If Ajer Leaves In The Summer, Not Some Grasping, Greedy Agent.

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Kris Ajer’s agent is the kind of person who gives agents in general a bad name.

The player himself is happy at Celtic.

He has expressed an interest in signing a new deal, one that will acknowledge his position as one of the most important players at the club.

No-one was terribly concerned at what wa going on behind the scenes.

Then, this morning, we all woke up to the news that a “bombshell” had been dropped on the club.

It is less a bombshell than the media is flapping over.

It is less a “bombshell” than it seems.

Ajer’s agent claims that the contract talks are for nothing, that there’s plenty of interest in his man, and that the player will be leaving in the summer.

I have news for this fool, and for the papers which couldn’t wait to put his idiotic words into print; Ajer has two years left on his contract.

Celtic holds all the cards here.

The player himself is not banging down the door for a move.

No-one should think that this has come from him; it hasn’t. What’s happened here is all too clear and all too obvious; his agent is a vain, greedy fool.

Lennon knows Ajer’s worth to the team, and that worth is in getting us over the line for ten in a row.

It is Celtic – it is Lennon – who will decide whether Ajer goes in the summer.

It is Celtic who will decide if he’s allowed to go next summer too.

Celtic will call this one, not some grasping greedy agent who smells money on the wind.

Ajer cost us a low-ball fee which even in the best circumstances would only rise to £650,000. If the time comes to sell him we’ll certainly recoup many, many, many, many times that. And life will go on. This isn’t a crisis moment however it turns out.

But the fact is, it’s Celtic who will make the decisions here.

If Ajer’s agent doesn’t want his client to sign a new deal, with more money, and another two or three years of protection, then Ajer can play on his current contract for the next year and perhaps even two and take all the attendant risks that go with that. This is the price of trying to play public hardball.

It is easy to see why Tore Peterson wants Ajer to leave Celtic; our player is his biggest client, by far, on an unimpressive roster made up entirely of Danish players, none of who plays for a major club, none of whom but Kris is attracting big money attention.

Ajer is his meal-ticket and that has led to Peterson behaving in a most astounding, and unprofessional, manner.

The player ought to think long and hard about getting himself some better representation.

There will be no shortage of takers. Peterson may want to think about making a retraction and a full apology if he’s ever to deal with Celtic again. A club like ours can, if it chooses, close an awful lot of doors in someone’s face. And he doesn’t have that many doors open to begin with.

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