Celtic Will Win This Title On Merit No Matter Who Moans Or How It’s Decided.

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This morning, the newspapers said that the SPL plans to award Celtic the title should the season end prematurely, provided we’re still at the top of the league. This has resulted in much wailing in Sevco Land, where they believe the title will be “tainted.”

As many of them believe this rot about the first five in the sequence I’m not altogether bothered what they think.

The media asked Lennon about this today, and he was adamant that he wants not only for us to finish the season but to do it in front of the Celtic supporters. No closed door games for this guy; he wants our fans to play their full role in what is to come.

Lennon and everyone at Celtic wants to complete this campaign.

We don’t want any of this Sevco land hokum about not having won it fairly, although as I said yesterday if every team has played the same number of games and the league just can’t continue then the side top wins and every other position in decided in the same way.

Whether they want to admit it or not, that is a meritocratic triumph.

They can’t even use the old argument about all teams having to face each other an equal number of times; we have the ridiculous SPL split here, that makes a mockery of the idea that each side plays each other a number of times.

We don’t even have guarantees of two home and two away; we’ll play three games away against certain clubs if we get that far.

Our critics will never give us credit no matter how we wrap this up.

There are some in the press who are still saying that Sevco have “thrown it away” rather than accepting that we’re by far the best team in the whole country and have earned our success.

If we’re “awarded it” that’s the exact nomenclature the press will use; there will be no stories about how we actually won it, about how no-one gave us anything, about how our form justifies the decision. We will live with that. We know we are entitled to it.

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