Celtic’s Season Ticket Terms Protect Our Fans. Sevco Supporters Get No Such Advantages.

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The story yesterday about how Celtic season ticket holders are indemnified for fixtures which are not played will have come as no surprise to those who know that our club is one of the best run and professional in the country.

I posted a piece earlier on our insurance arrangements; I am almost 100% certain that they are tip-top and we have nothing whatsoever to worry about on that score. But you never know, which is why I wonder if the club might make a statement on it.

On the issue of refunds which are available, or will be, the club doesn’t have to say anything at all.

It’s right there, in black and white, in the terms and conditions. If the season is abandoned fans can get their money back for those games … the hit will be severe to the club, and so I actually wonder if any of our fans would bother.

But the right exists. That’s important. That’s Celtic indemnifying us. That’s a right that supporters who purchase season tickets have at most of the big clubs, and many of the smaller ones. There are some teams whoever who don’t bother with that kind of thing.

One of those clubs is Sevco, who as per usual have no interest whatsoever in the wider rights of their fans, and simply want their money, as much of it as possible and as quickly as they can get it. Without that right in this year’s tickets, should their fans really expect them to be included with the season books for the next campaign?

Next season’s football might look a million miles away from right now – and much can happen in the global battle against this disease – but you would not seriously bet on the game easing into that period and continuing without further interruption.

It’s all too possible that we’re going to be with this thing for a year at least … unthinkable now, but wait a while.

That means that season tickets for next season aren’t guaranteed either … now, granted, Celtic may alter their terms and conditions to reflect that reality, but at Sevco you might as well be flushing the money down the bog as to trust that they even care.

The Ibrox clubs have a history of doing this to their own fans with a regularity which is quite amazing. But to find that there is no provision in a season ticket contract that covers cancelled or postponed matches is extraordinary.

The Record breathlessly reported that it could save them up to £3.5 million …

I am sure that will be a consolation to their supporters, few of whom may actually have taken the option up.

But that’s beside the point.

This is ABC stuff for a major club and they would rather not do it.

They would rather bleed their fans than look after them properly.

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