Chris Sutton’s Idiotic Liverpool Article Makes Him Look Like A Mug And Undercuts Our Manager And Our Club.

Image for Chris Sutton’s Idiotic Liverpool Article Makes Him Look Like A Mug And Undercuts Our Manager And Our Club.

Chris Sutton has always had a penchant for attention seeking.

Today sees one of the worst examples of it I’ve seen in quite a while.

On the one hand he’s telling Twitter and everyone who will listen that Celtic should be crowned champions of Scotland. As they should.

But on the other, he’s written a column in the Daily Mail saying Liverpool shouldn’t get the same in England.

My jaw dropped seeing those twin headlines this morning, it really did.

I wondered if I was being trolled. I thought “surely nobody can be this damned stupid?”

And I was wrong.

I really don’t know what goes on in his head, but he ought to shut his mouth for a while as that kind of idiotic conduct does us no favours whatsoever.

Had his argument contained even the smallest morsel of consistency that would have been one thing; instead he comes off looking like a complete fool, and in making such stupid remarks undercuts our club and its manager and its fans.

We have earned our title. Liverpool have earned theirs.

To say one club deserves to get it but that to give the other the same treatment would open “a can of worms” shows he’s incapable of pausing for thought before he opens his yap. He is going to be roundly mocked for this and he deserves to be.

What a joke he looks with nonsense like this.

His attempt to sit in the middle of the road reveals him to be a prize idiot, a clown on the same level as people like Alex Rae and his pish horse-racing analogies. This thing needs a consistent approach. It needs a sensible path forward.

It does not need posturing eejits throwing their two bob in just to hear the sounds of their own voices.

At some point in this debate the adults are going to have to step into the room, and I am certain that when they examine all the available options they will understand that except in the unlikely event that this thing vanishes overnight any of the scenarios being put forward short of declaring the season over and awarding the titles and other things on an as-is basis is plainly ridiculous.

People can entertain fantasies – for that is what they are – of picking up where we left off in June, July or even, and I hear this is being seriously proposed, August, next season, in much the same way as Sevco’s scumbag support can hope for a global death toll that stops nine in a row, but when all is said and done, the sensible, the rational, the fair, the least disruptive, approach is for UEFA to tell all the associations that their leagues are over, that present results will stand, and that we will move forward to next season with surety and with confidence.

Anything else is ridiculous, and Sutton knows it … so his garbage about why Liverpool can’t be declared England’s winners is exactly that.

This is an exceptional situation. Celtic fans know that we might well lose out on the chance to defend the Scottish Cup … we’re willing to pay that price because it’s only fair and right, but we’re 30 games into the league campaign and we’re thirteen clear with only eight games left to play.

It’s over, and everyone knows it is, and all the likes of Rae and others are doing is embarrassing themselves clinging to a desperate, and despicable, hope that we lose enough lives to snatch away from our club what it is due.

Sutton clearly has no role to play in the wider debate, because he is a self-serving clown.

It would be good if he took a vow of silence for a while, for his own good as much as anyone else’s.

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