Ex-SPL Head May Come Off As A Clown At Times But On Celtic’s Provisional Title Triumph He Has It Right.

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I am not Rodger Mitchell’s biggest fan.

I used to follow him on Twitter and sometimes find him to be a blowhard and an idiot.

He’s one of those guys who likes the sound of his own voice, I think, the sort who will never get bored giving you his take on everything happening in the world around him, and who will keep on doing it long after you have popped a few sleeping pills.

Mitchell has become the latest person to give support to the idea of Celtic as provisional champions.

He says that not only will Hearts not properly object – not in the manner they’ve suggested, which is to take it to the law – but that even Sevco understands that us being given the league is something that is going to happen, and even they accept it.

This is most probably true.

Mitchell is still one of those guys who can pick up the phone and get an SPL chairman on the other end; when he says that this is already gaining wide acceptance I have no doubt that it is.

Sevco’s owners are sneaky, underhanded people but they can see the writing on the wall.

They also know they can galvanise their gullible fans behind a perceived injustice, whereas it may prove to flog them season tickets otherwise.

Mitchell will forever be the guy who turned down a £45 million package from Sky which could have put us on an entirely different trajectory when it came to what we could get in these TV deals. That will hang around his neck like a dead weight forever.

Yet Mitchell is nobody’s fool.

He makes those who came after him look exactly what they were; intellectual lightweights, pygmies.

They were not just ineffectual administrators, these men were absolutely useless, abject, even corrupt.

Mitchell at least understood the game and the personalities in it. He’s a football fan – a Celtic supporter at that, as he constantly reminds folk – which means that he doesn’t condescend to other footballer supporters, but genuinely gets what we’re about.

When he says that people are behaving stupidly here, and playing games, he is correct.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day, and Mitchell has a better record than that.

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