Halliday’s Sevco Plea Will Fall On Deaf Ears In A Dressing Room That Wants Gerrard Gone.

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It’s always nice when a true loyalist goes to bat for the man at the top of the house, and Sevco manager must have been delighted to get the nod of approval from his player, and uber-Sevconite Andy Halliday.

Yet I wonder how much good it will have done either of them.

Halliday sent a to his team-mates yesterday that if they don’t get a grip will be sacked. I wonder how many of them thought, “Very good.”

When you’ve lost the and there’s no going back – and the way Gerrard about his players in public you have to think there is very little chance of everyone being friends – already has one foot in the grave.

Halliday is not going to dig him out with this kind of mealy mouthed sentiment.

What he will do is give those who are vehemently opposed to seeing Gerrard continue some ideas.

A lot of people think the Sevco will see out this season and then go in the summer; haven’t they been listening to him? He has no intention of walking, and he’s made that clear. If he backtracks on that now he’s adding “quitter” to “loser” as the terms that will stalk his career wherever else he goes. Some might think those are better than being sacked … in fact, they are worse as every manager in the game will be dismissed from his job at some point.

Sevco is in freefall. Do you really think a guy like Tavernier, who is a third rate footballer driving around in a Lamborghini due to the largesse of that club, cares about the “we are Rangers” attitude of someone like Halliday?

Tavernier is the club captain who basically called the whole team weak in the post-match program.

He and others have chucked it.

Gerrard is a busted flush, unless he’s able to see out the season and then rebuild the team in the summer.

But would you trust this guy with more money?

The Sevco has already lost faith in him. It’s a matter of time before the board do too.

And he won’t resign … and they won’t sack him, because they can’t. Halliday’s words will fall on deaf ears because half the doesn’t care and the other half knows its impossible.

What a state that club has gotten itself into.

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