If It’s True, The Riquelme Story Shows Celtic Is Already Planning Ahead For Next Season.

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There’s little in the world to beat a good old fashioned football transfer rumour, especially when we’re in a place right now where there’s no football being played and none on the horizon either. The global health crisis has knocked us all over the place.

Thank God then for a football story, thank God for tittle-tattle.

It’s just what we all need.

The reports on this kid – a talented young winger at Atletico Madrid – come from Spain, so they might well be the confections of their media.

Can you even image a Spanish Keith Jackson? It’s hard to do isn’t it. Keith is fighting with a lot of people on Twitter right now over his assertion, made on the same day this blog put up its first post on the subject, that the global health emergency might be a trifle overblown.

It’s good to know his record for predictions is tip-top.

That said, the Scottish media picked this story up from the hacks over in Spain.

We have no way of knowing how good or bad Spanish sports journalists are at their jobs, but they claim that we’ve actually made this kid an offer and that it’s a good one.

I know nothing about the player, but I do know that we’ve not done enough work in the Bosman market these past few years, and that we’ve not been particularly good at planning ahead either. I would hope that this is a sign of how seriously we’re taking next season because it will be our ten in a row campaign however this one comes to a close.

It is about time we started thinking about it.

I don’t know about you guys but I’ve already resigned myself to the idea that this one is over. As provisional champions, we will be trying to set the new Scottish record, and nobody is going to tell us we didn’t deserve it. Thirteen points clear … Brora Rangers got their title for a gap of the same size.

If the prep work is getting done already then all is well at Celtic Park and we ought to be in good shape as we move towards an end to this

And end will come, of course … and Celtic will be ready for it.

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