Jim McColl, Souness, Liverpool And The Next Great Sevco Swindle.

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You have to laugh at them, right? The Peepul. Getting all excited again over the prospect of rich benefactors riding to the rescue.

How many more times are these gullible goons going to swallow the same pre-packaged pile of putrid piffle?

This one has everything, it really does. Liverpool’s owners waiting in the wings, ready to deposit vast amounts of cash into Sevco’s bank account. Jim McColl – “Scotland’s richest man” – about to jump in with his own “wealth off the radar” and even Graeme Souness himself hovering on the periphery, to be the face of football as we know it.

A dream team, right? A dream scenario for the dumbest fans in football.

And of course, scratch the surface of it and you find out what was surely obvious to every single normal, well-rounded, citizen with his or her head screwed on; it’s all garbage. There is not one word of truth in any of it. Just the usual self-promoters, latching on to a moment of crisis to get their names back into the public consciousness.

If these hangers on were fluttering around Celtic like moths I would be writing long articles telling them to bolt, telling them to hawk their tawdry wares somewhere else. We deal with reality here, not with egotism run riot and fantasies of beanstalk beans.

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In the 1951/52 season, SFA chairman George Graham tried to stop Celtic from flying the Irish tricolour flag over Celtic Park, leading to a bitter stand off between him and the club. Which Scottish club backed Graham over his stance?

“(Ibrox) fans woke up to exciting news over the weekend as Graeme Souness spoke of his desire to return to Ibrox in the future,” Gavin Berry writes in The Record. The article doesn’t quote Souness, it’s not really about Souness.

It’s about the Fenway Sports Group, and their global reach and how the Sevco board should move heaven and earth to involve them at Ibrox.

And why would they be interested in doing any such thing?

Because a Scottish businessman of vastly inflated repute and exaggerated wealth “hinted” in a podcast that they had once approached him about investing at Ibrox and pursuing the “Moneyball” strategy which John W Henry brought to the Anfield club after using it to secure a World Series for the Red Sox.

This is McColl again, of course, who seems to pop up every time Sevco rattles the tin cup. It’s doubtful that he even has the means to take on the role of running a football club, but that’s academic anyway as he hasn’t got the slightest interest in actually doing so.

We all know this.

He’s said it enough times. He does like his name in the papers though.

People close to the action at Liverpool dismissed McColl’s nonsense as sheer fantasy yesterday, yet last night Keith Jackson was trawling Twitter having gotten an exclusive interview with “the man himself”. Jackson said he would “reveal his plans” for the club.

Cue much disappointment in the sensible parts of Sevconia this morning when his “plans” were revealed as “not right now, but perhaps, possibly, sometime soon or maybe not so soon, depending on various things and under certain conditions, maybe.”

Oh and just for the record he said that when he said Liverpool he didn’t mean that actual people at actual Liverpool had contacted him, just that the people who did admired the Liverpool strategy and would have thought about something similar at Sevco.

These mystery men remain mysterious of course.

And their own interest, obviously, is on hold whilst the world tries to sort itself out and move on from the greatest calamity to hit it in decades.

The whole thing has been revealed for what it clearly was; a sideshow.

A complete fantasy on the part of those who heard what they wanted to hear come out of McColl’s mouth, although there’s also an element of him telling them what they wanted to hear.

Because this guy loves the publicity that these little forays into the spotlight bring him.

That club always finds a way to sell season tickets, and even now with the winds of crisis howling around them they have confected hope out of nothing. And nothing is exactly what this is of course, and whilst it doubtless helps some of them sleep at night not one thing in these stories does the least, the tiniest, thing to put their club on a sound footing.

Talk about fiddling whilst Sevco burns.

Hell mend these Peepul.

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