Keith Jackson’s King Article Proves Again That Scottish Journalism Is In Dire Straits.

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Another day, another idiotic Keith Jackson article.

These are the “standards” we have come to expect from Scottish football’s chief sportswriter; waffle, ignorance, sheer nonsense.

This one is about King and about how his “legacy” won’t be known until the global health crisis is over … as if you could not judge it already.

Tell you what, Keith, let me give that a go.

Dave King’s legacy is to leave his club skint, dependent on soft loans, without a kit deal, mired in court cases, scandalised by his Cold Shouldering and managed by an ex-player who’s record in the dugout is zero trophies out of six. He is the fourth manager of King’s short tenure.

Celtic’s record in the time Sevco has been an SPL club is that we’ve won every domestic trophy we’ve competed for; ten in total so far, with eleven to be confirmed.

For all his acolytes will pour honey in his ear, the glib and shameless liar has been a complete and utter failure. No amount of flannel will change that.

Jackson thinks the Ibrox club is in good shape to survive this crisis because of the “robust” nature of the people on the board. Even as he writes this drivel, he’s taken a shot at Celtic predicting that it will “take just six months” for Celtic to burn through its cash reserves.

What a clown this eejit is.

Yes, whilst it is true that Celtic’s cash reserves are good for six months at full wages and salaries, that’s only applicable in a scenario where the club has zero additional income. But we’ve just signed a hefty merchandising deal, season ticket sales were underway and still are and the club has a variety of other avenues for raising cash.

On top of that, a number of seriously high net-worth individuals are sitting on our board right now and could easily do the debt-for-equity switcheroo that Sevco has been surviving on for the past few years. Our club is no danger whatsoever. None.

Jackson, who is predicting hard times for us, with the glib statement that you “don’t need to be an accountant to work it out” has given Sevco’s depleted finances absolutely no scrutiny at all. Quite how he has the stones to hint at hard times for us because we could go through our cash reserves in half a year and yet predict no such harsh effects for a club that has no cash reserves at all, a wage bill which is the second biggest in the country and which has to go cap in hand for external financing just to pay the bills right now … well, it’s pretty brazen, right?

“(The club) is unrecognisable from the basket case that (King) took over,” he says, pouring honey all over the glib and shameless one. I can’t for the life of me work out what it is that he sees that’s radically changed here.

They are still mired in debt, they are still stuck to Ashley like glue, they are still going through managers at a rapid rate and they are still trailing Celtic. I am a little bit baffled as to what great transformation he thinks has been carried out.

And King leaves them in serious, serious peril.

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In the 1951/52 season, SFA chairman George Graham tried to stop Celtic from flying the Irish tricolour flag over Celtic Park, leading to a bitter stand off between him and the club. Which Scottish club backed Graham over his stance?

Yet Jackson’s piece gives us a hint of something that should have been obvious right from the start of this mess; the global health emergency is going to give King and this Ibrox board their alibi when the ship starts to sink.

Everything that’s coming to them – and their situation is far worse than anything that’s been in the press so far – will be blamed on this and The Peepul are going to believe every single word of it.

Jackson and his like will make sure of it, even if the club’s official cheerleaders don’t.

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