Leigh Griffiths Comments Prove That Celtic Is Ready For Whatever Comes Next For Us.

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Amidst the white noise which fills the world right now, and especially for us here in Football Land, there are people who are simply getting on with it, and preparing for the resumption of normal life again. I am inspired by that, and encouraged by it too.

I am especially encouraged that Leigh Griffiths is one of them. Reading his comments today, it becomes clear that he is ready for what lies ahead, whatever that is. He vows to be leaner, meaner, fitter and more ready for the games than ever.

He wants to be prepared for the resumption of football. The resumption of real life again.

It is great to know that our players are so focussed, and that the club has approached this swirling, swelling, crisis with such professionalism.

It should be a surprise that whilst other clubs jostle for their turn at the trough, sniping and niggling and politicking behind the scenes for their own gain that Celtic is simply focussing on the job at hand. Because we still may have football to play here.

We still might have a season to complete after all.

Beyond that, we have to be looking at the far horizon, for when football does pick up again, whatever the circumstances of that are. In order for us to be at our most ready for it, players will have to be fit and raring to go … and it sounds like Leigh and the rest of the squad is.

This must be hellish for them, with so much still hanging.

It sometimes seems that fans get the worst of these situations; actually, we don’t.

There are people at clubs right now who need closure, and surety, in order to start making plans for what comes next. The uncertainty is crushing. I think UEFA failed us yesterday by not offering a lead and instead imposing these deadlines, which most of us agree are unlikely to be met.

For all that, the club and the players need to be prepared just in case.

It’s not impossible that this thing will suddenly start to recede … I don’t think it likely, but it is not outside the realms of possibility either.

I know our footballers are itching to finish this off, because they can hear and read and see what we can; the enormous bitterness and spite being levelled against our club, as it tries to secure the ninth title in a row.

They want it done on the pitch, they want to silence these Peepul and their media toadies and everyone else who may have something to say.

And if Leigh is an example of what’s going on with the rest of them, we’re going to be ready if that day and hour comes, if that moment has to be met.

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