Little By Little, Other Clubs Are Lining Up To Publicly Support Giving Us Our Title.

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The Scottish Premier League is getting set to give Celtic its title.

It is possible that we’ll see games before the June deadline, but I doubt it and most people do.

Three months might be time enough to put things right, but not many believe it.

We could be at the peak of this thing by then.

If we are then there is zero chance of games being played.

It will be time, soon enough, to hand us the title. We earned it. 30 games into this campaign, we have a 13-point lead. It is over and the rest know it is over.

From what I’ve been led to believe, most of the SPFL’s clubs accept that the rankings will have to stand as they are. Lawwell’s talk about serious consequences if the season is voided was simply our CEO stating the facts as everyone knows them to be.

An avalanche of legal actions will follow it. The rules make allowances for it and so it will not be subject to the same sort of proceedings.

Hamilton was already on board; their SFA board rep has confirmed it.

This weekend, St Mirren boss Jim Goodwin spoke up on the same subject; he is almost certainly speaking for his board of directors. Other clubs are already taking a realistic, pragmatic view of this and have already conferred their support in private.

More will go public as this goes on. Clubs cannot afford to be sitting in limbo, and the financial consequences of the “void” scenario will be immense and too difficult for most to survive.

The clubs know this has to come to an end, and soon.

Before long, we’re going to have a bunch of them saying so, on the record.

The momentum towards nine in a row is as unstoppable off the pitch as it is on the park.

Sevco is not going to stop this, and neither are their media cheerleaders.

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