Rae And McCoist Articulate The Staggering Idiocy And Bitterness Of The “Void The Season” Position.

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Alex Rae and Ally McCoist apparently went “head-to-head” with Chris Sutton on one of those ridiculous Ladbrokes online debates. Did you notice what they did there? The “panel of experts” was slated with a 2-1 pro Sevco majority.

And Rae, McCoist and Sutton are “experts” in what?

Coronavirus? It’s effects? Football regulations? The three are controversialists, that’s what their utility is. To call them experts is to grossly misuse the word.

Take Sutton; he thinks there should be two different outcomes north and south of the border. McCoist is a joke figure in football who couldn’t get a gig as a groundsman. Alex Rae is the idiot’s idiot; his ridiculous horse racing analogy is the pinnacle of stupid so far.

Because of his wholly ridiculous, and contradictory, position on Celtic and Liverpool’s titles, Sutton can’t be taken seriously. But here he was arguing against two closed minded fools who between them out to have brought ridicule on the “void the league” case.

McCoist, of course, operates under such bias that the only question anyone should ask him during this isn’t about whether we should be awarded the title if the league wraps up early but whether he thinks we should be awarded it anyway, even after we’ve won it at the end of a 38 game campaign. It is not surprising to hear him echo the Ibrox party line.

“You cannot possibly give a team a title when they haven’t won the title – and I include Liverpool in England in this,” he said. “You can’t reward a team for something that hasn’t happened – ‘there you are, you’re the champions’ when you’re actually not the champions.”

But he’s perfectly happy, it seems, to ignore everything that has happened …

Yet it’s Rae, again, who takes the prize.

Celtic should be denied the title because it won’t have been won legitimately; that’s his call on it. But at the same time, this clown wants the European places to be awarded on the as-is basis, and prize money paid out, although those issues aren’t remotely settled either.

So prize money and Europa League income are to be given out, but Celtic should not become champions?

Is that anything but the most bitter nonsense?

The more you listen to these people the more fully you understand that their case, their entire logic, is built on spite.

They all dragoon Hearts into the argument, but their lack of consistency makes a mockery of the idea that they even care about that.

Hearts’ predicament is a means to an end for these people, and it’s an insult to our intelligence to pretend otherwise.

In the last 24 hours I’ve seen Neil McCann – ex Hearts and Rangers – offered up to give his opinion.

Sky Sports wheeled out Alan McLaren – ex Hearts and Rangers – to offer his.

Guess what position both of them hold?

No Celtic title, no Hearts relegation.

There is no internal logic to their positions though, except that it screws us.

All these people know, too, that the voiding argument is not going to win the day. Either UEFA’s writ will run and we’ll get these games played, or the season will be ended early and we devolve to SPFL regulations and Celtic will be appointed “champions of Scotland” in keeping with what’s in the rulebook. The rest is just smoke, a distraction.

Either way, these Peepul are in for a long hard summer.

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