Sensational Celtic Send A Message Prior To Our Ibrox Visit: Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

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Well, that was a bit special today wasn’t it? A superb, disciplined, attacking display where Griffiths bagged a hat-trick,

Eddie scored again and Callum got what someone told is his fifth goal in seven matches.

We put five more goals in the plus column, and at the time of writing we are sitting sixteen points clear of our alleged “challengers” in the league race … albeit they have two games in hand at the moment. Would you bet on them winning them?

You know what? It does not matter at this point what they do or what anyone else does.

This team of ours is relentless. It is marching on towards another title without breaking sweat. Since returning from the winter break we’ve been putting teams away for fun. Next weekend we’re at Ibrox; our players have a free eight days from now until then.

We’ll be ready for that match. Will they be ready for us?

They are a shambles at the moment. A lot of theories abound as to what has happened to the form over there. Obviously, something happened in Dubai and that was sufficiently serious to shatter the feel-good factor, but I always suspected it was built on sand anyway.

Teams have figured this lot out, and once they are figured out there is no longer anything to fear from them.

Lennon must surely have Gerrard sussed by now, and his record suggests that he does. I think we will go to Ibrox next weekend rested, confident, and knowing that we only need a win to put this title on a silver platter.

The league flag is coming home.

You cannot have watched that blistering display of power football today and have the slightest, the remotest, doubt about that. Our team is scoring goals for fun again, and the Griffiths-Edouard partnership will take some stopping.

The next stop is the house of the enemy.

They should be far more worried about that than us.

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