Sevco’s Latest Coronavirus Statement Is Disgraceful. This Conduct Will Haunt Them For Years.

Image for Sevco’s Latest Coronavirus Statement Is Disgraceful. This Conduct Will Haunt Them For Years.

Sevco picked its moment brilliantly. That’s what they’ll reckon anyway. But yet again they proved only that their public relations arm – more on that later – are a despicable shower who would be considered too extreme to represent the mafia.

Even as they were releasing it, Boris Johnson was bringing down the hammer.

We’re way into the Badlands now. The government is advising that we – all of us – reduce our social interactions only to those which are most necessary. We’re on the brink of closing it all down. It will happen. It should have happened already.

Months of darkness are in front of us.

The SPFL and SFA has just announced that the season remains suspended – a pitiful fudge which I’ll cover tomorrow.

Buried in that statement is an SFA request that training be banned.

Sevco picked this moment to demand that the season be played to “the full 38 games.”

They have said they will not recognise an outcome which does not, except for the one that voids the whole campaign.

But the second part of their entirely self-serving demand is the giveaway; it’s as if they just can’t help themselves in going too far, that they can’t help themselves showing their hand, that they want everyone to recognise their agenda clearly.

They have demanded that the games take place in front of full stands.

Even if it were feasible to play these games, they have outlined the one scenario which is a stonewall certainty not to come to pass. They and their cheerleaders will attempt to paint any other outcome as a sham. But it is their stance which is a sham, and a disgrace.

They are, in effect, saying that unless fans and players and officials put their very lives and the lives of those they love on the line that they will not recognise any outcome short of voiding the season. If there is a more disreputable, and disgraceful, stance on this matter anywhere else in the football world I have yet to hear it and I don’t expect to.

This is a club with nothing to play for, a club who’s league position is already pretty much known, posturing, shamefully, and quite comfortable in itself exploiting a global tragedy to cast a shadow over what our own club has achieved on merit.

That club oozes bitterness and spite. Its default position is hate, and its public face a snarling mask. That will not be improved by the quite unbelievable news that they are replacing Jim Traynor with a former DUP Councillor and high ranking member of the Orange Order.

There is no football club like them; Scottish football would be better if they did not exist.

I take comfort from only this; their conduct here is so nakedly partisan, and brazen, that no outsider could possibly mistake it for anything else. Their insistence that not only must the 38 games be played but that they must be played in full stadia, on the day that the Prime Minister is basically telling us to not to interact with one another, is atrocious.

They have shamed themselves today.

If they were a club that even could be shamed by now.

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