That Sevco Side Is There For The Taking. But We Can’t Assume We Just Have To Show Up.

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Today Sevco won at Ross County by a single, deflected, goal from a player the manager had been ready to sub just a minute before. All the talk is of a “step in the right direction” but they stole three points today and should have left that ground like a thief in the night.

They were dreadful today, in a way that was almost offensive to the senses if you were watching it. The performance was dire, all long ball and run stuff, public park football dragged kicking and screaming to the 21st century.

In a sport which is now filled with tactical innovation and forward thinking, watching Sevco reminds you a lot of the era we left behind, where you wonder how supporters could handle it every week. More fool the current supporters at Ibrox who think this represents the fabled “progress” under this manager.

For the rest of us it would make the eyeballs bleed.

They look suspect at the back. They look slack in midfield. Their forward line is a joke; Morelos looks like the two-bob player this site has always believed he was.

Kent is a colossal waste of £7 million, and anyone who was involved in writing those “£100 million for Hagi” articles ought to be under the bed and they ought to consider staying there.

I read one report today that says they’ll try and get £22 million for Barisic in the close season.

They may well try, as a delusional patient in an asylum might try flying every once in a while. They will certainly have roughly the same amount of success. There is not one player at that whole club who is worth a club paying an eight figure sum for.

This mob are there for the taking next weekend, although they’ll be at home with the howling mob behind them. They have a huge game to navigate before then too, and members of the squad are already dropping like flies.

Who knows what state they will be in when we arrive there next Sunday?

A good enough one, I think, that we’ll need to do more than just show up to win.

We are going to have to find that extra level of ours and make sure that we play as best we can. Nothing else is going to do it. If we turn up with the wrong mentality we’re going to give this lot the oxygen they need to start believing all over again. We need to snuff it out.

We need to go there with the strongest team, play the most attacking system, put them on the back foot – as we did in our first visit – from the first kick of the ball. Why didn’t we do that on cup final day? If you believe the media Gerrard has “figured out” how to play Celtic; this is rank nonsense, as his record shows. He’s won three out of seven and we’ve won four. The record for this season is that we’ve won at Ibrox and Hampden already.

If we show up in the right frame of mind we will win. Perhaps even comfortably. Their performances have been a joke. If we score first and force them to abandon their tight defensive unit to attack us we’ll pick at the bones like vultures until there’s nothing left.

They are reeling from their disastrous return to domestic duties. They look shaken and weak and easy prey to any side with decent firepower. With what have at our disposal they shouldn’t stand a chance, but as ever it’s going to come down to what version of us shows. They were allowed the free run of Hampden and then we made them look good at Celtic Park … but on our day we the quintessential irresistible force.

Next Sunday we can put Gerrard’s lights out, and eliminate the faint belief in some of their fans that this is a situation that can be turned around. This relentless Celtic side is not going to be beaten to this title no matter what they think though.

But we should be aiming to snatch that hope away from them entirely … and then sit back and watch as the house comes crashing down over there.

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