The Brora Rangers Title Verdict Sets Up A Party For Provisional Champions Celtic.

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Let the Sevconuts wail in self-pity now.

The precedent has been set, and it’s been set right on our door.

It was accompanied by no gnashing of teeth or rending of garments amongst rival clubs. A Scottish football title has been awarded with the season confirmed as closed, and six games left to be played. And the club who got it were called Rangers.

Brora Rangers, to be specific. Congratulations to the Highland League Champions of 2019-20. Like us they had amassed a thirteen point lead, which makes them worthy winners. It would be churlish to deny it and I am pleased for them and their fans.

Our rivals and critics have tried their level best to say that precedents have been established here there and everywhere.

They’ve brought other sports into their argument.

Some of the comparisons have been ludicrous.

They are avidly watching other leagues for signs that clubs will void competitions; let those leagues deal with the consequences, I say.

Experts and lawyers have said the SPFL has the grounds to give us the title; it’s in the rules.

That means the decision will not be subject to a legal challenge unless clubs can prove that it was “unfair”, and good luck with that. A global pandemic is definitely unfair, I just don’t’ think that it will stand up that way at CAS as a decision to award a title and relegate the bottom club in the league.

Clubs can posture as like; it will not do any good.

The real decision has been made here in Scotland, in the SPFL’s own backyard.

The argument against awarding the title to us has been struck a terrible blow, and coupled with the warnings of dire and deep financial consequences for the league if the campaign is voided, it should be one of the last nails in the coffin of those lunatics urging that action.

Every time they try to stick it to us over this, just tell them “Brora Rangers; champions.”

And deservedly so too.

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