The Edouard Rumours Will Ramp Up With No Football On. Celtic Fans Should Simply Ignore Them.

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For most Celtic fans, the lack of football is like a big gaping hole in their lives.

Believe me, it’s worse as a football blogger.

When we have games to look forward to it is easy.

During the close season we have transfer rumours and speculation about the state of the club.

This will be longer than any close season, and it does not have an end date.

But transfer rumours are commonplace even at a time like this.

Indeed, I’ve been thinking a lot about Celtic’s transfer policy in the coming year, and about the implications of this emergency on our club’s financial position … my conclusion is that most players are worth less than they were because clubs can’t afford to pay crazy money at the moment.

For all that, the Edouard rumours have burst back into the mainstream.

This was no surprise. Interest in our player is real, unlike the fanciful stuff involving Sevco players.

I laughed at the lunacy of a story involving Joe Aribo yesterday, valuing him at £12.5 million and linking him with a move for that figure … on examination, the hack involved was writing about one of his team-mates’ game of Football Manager.

Our press are desperate and will write anything.

So don’t be surprised at the Edouard story. We’re going to get plenty of this, and the longer it drags on the more ridiculous, and familiar, these tales will get. Previous ones will be brought out of moth balls and given a good clean.

Today it’s Eddie, tomorrow it will be Callum or someone else.

It was Ajer last week, and quotes given out by the daftest agent on the planet.

Remember, all of it is white noise and whilst that might have a distinctly better sound than the drum beat of doom which is running on the news channels 24/7 it still doesn’t change the fundamentals of our club, or that he has plenty of time left on his current deal.

Even at a reduced value, Edouard will go, if he does, for a sum greater than has ever been spent on an SPFL player before … and I think he’ll be with us another year at least.

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