The Lunacy At The Heart Of Each Of The “Alternatives” To Crowning Celtic As Champions.

Image for The Lunacy At The Heart Of Each Of The “Alternatives” To Crowning Celtic As Champions.

As concerns build as to whether or not this season will even continue to an end, desperate hacks and Sevco sympathisers are clawing their way through the woodwork to present the reasons why Celtic can’t automatically be given the title which we’ve as good as won already if this season is brought to a temporary close.

Let’s forget for a minute that nobody at Celtic wants this outcome.

Nobody. Not fans, not players, not the manager, not the board, not the staff, not the ball boys, not the sponsors, nobody.

We cannot say that about every club, now, can we?

A lot of people across the game here are praying for a shut-down which reprieves them after their own dire performances.

For Celtic – who not only want to wrap up the title but want to wrap up the quadruple treble as well – it is the least palatable outcome. It is not remotely desirable.

Ask these people who are opposed to making us champions in that horrible scenario what the realistic – and fair – alternative to this is. Ask them and see what they come up with.

Not surprisingly, it’s all nonsense.

There are a number of scenarios being “considered.”

As I have pointed out, all of them are a complete non-starter, yet they are being pushed in one way or another.

Each is dire in its own way … where they aren’t flat-out impossible they all drive a wrecking ball through that alleged “sporting integrity” we hear so much about.

I am going to go over these options now, in detail, including the one that sees the league stopped “as is” and the points and the prizes and everything else awarded on that basis.

These arguments are going to get ridiculous in the next few days and weeks, as our enemies bend logic and fact every which way they can to get the conclusion they want.

If we’re going to combat that successfully, we need to know what the other side is proposing … and demonstrate exactly why it is not only unfeasible but grossly unfair as well.

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