The Scottish Media’s Anti-Celtic, Pro-Sevco Bias Brilliantly Expressed In Two Headlines.

Image for The Scottish Media’s Anti-Celtic, Pro-Sevco Bias Brilliantly Expressed In Two Headlines.

Today, The Scotsman’s ludicrous “rolling football blog” of rumours, ex-players weighing in on issues well above their limited comprehension, regurgitating old stories and general nonsense has produced two divergent stories which make the mind reel.

The reason I focussed on this is that even a glance at the headline the blog is running reveals the blank spot in the thinking of the average media hack.

It reads as follows, and I’m not joking; “Rangers may move for £70k a week Liverpool ace; wage cuts a possibility at Celtic …”

You could not make that up.

The well run club sitting on a £30 million surplus gets the wage cuts headline.

The club that neither has the pot to piss in nor the window to throw it out is linked with a footballer whose annual salary would be in the region of £3,600,000 minus bonuses.

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In the 1951/52 season, SFA chairman George Graham tried to stop Celtic from flying the Irish tricolour flag over Celtic Park, leading to a bitter stand off between him and the club. Which Scottish club backed Graham over his stance?

Our headline comes from Neil Lennon being frank and honest about where we are.

I wrote a piece on why our financial position is probably better than the money in the bank would suggest, and our “business interruption insurance” will probably be pretty good as well … but even with all our money we can’t guarantee that we could carry on regardless if this thing dragged on and on and on and on.

But I’ll tell you this, and everyone knows it; wage cuts will come at Ibrox long before they come at Celtic Park.

Yet newspapers are running the utter fantasy that they might be in the running to sign Nathaniel Clyne.

Desperate stuff, and without even the remotest connection to reality.

Our club might have the larger wage bill, but we’re built to withstand whatever assails us.

The club across the city was on the ragged edge before this crisis began. I am going to do a full – and devastating – analysis of the problems that club is facing tomorrow … for now all I can say is that if I was a supporter of the Ibrox NewCo I wouldn’t be sleeping at night.

The media continues to embarrass itself with this kind of nonsense. Their coverage is so badly skewed and biased, forever selling these Peepul snake oil, that it is impossible to take any of it seriously any longer.

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