The SPFL Is Paying Out Prize Money. Soon Enough It’ll Be Handing Out The Prizes.

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The ninth title is almost signed, sealed and delivered, friends.

The news today that the SPFL is paying out prize money advances shows that we’re almost there, and the decisions have been made. All that remains is to have it all confirmed. Celtic are going to be announced as the champions for this season, and we deserve to be.

All that remains to be done is for someone to take the decision.

As I said yesterday, that is proving to be the difficult part.

Mark my words here, the authorities know the consequences of voiding this campaign.

It is simply not going to happen.

Lawwell has said it in public, but so too has Les Gray and it is so widely acknowledged in private that there’s no doubt at all.

Sevco and its allies are going to have to swallow this, although I now strongly suspect that there will be a push towards league construction of some kind as a way of sweetening the deal for some of the clubs. Others, like the Ibrox NewCo, will not be satisfied no matter what.

But you know what? It’s high time Scottish football stopped paying that club all the respect it does. They are an irrelevance at the moment, and their opinion has no weight as their club has absolutely nothing left to play for.

Their voice is not going to drown out the common sense of what has to be done, not this time. The leagues are going to give the trophies and titles and promotions to the clubs who deserve them, and the European places and the prize money and the rest of it.

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