Aidan Smith’s Article Claims Celtic Supports Ending The Season. We Do Not.

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When a press story starts out as if it’s set to reveal how all the clubs in the SPFL will vote on the decision to terminate the season early and then gets the first club’s stance 100% wrong is it really worth reading another word of it?

Smith has said that Celtic will support this outcome.

He says this before going on to say that “directors” at Parkhead actually want to play out the season.

Actually, everyone at Celtic Park wants the games played if possible.

I don’t like to waste my time correcting this kind of nonsense. There are other ways I could be spending my time instead of having to deal with this kind of thing. I am sick and tired of having to defend our club against this entirely false charge.

Neil Lennon went on the record and said that if the campaign terminated early that we should get our title.

This is not a controversial view. Aberdeen’s manager believes it. Most of the chairman in Scotland believe it.

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Who scored Celtic’s first ever goal against Sevco?

Most commentators know that it makes sense and that there’s nothing about it which should raise hackles.

Sevco had conceded the title. Their manager and their captain had both spoken like beaten men. They knew they weren’t going to catch us.

So Lennon’s comments were 100% on the money, but it did not represent the view of the club when it came to completing the games.

Celtic wants the matches played; why would we not? We’re not going to be caught and everyone knows it.

In a perfect world we’d not only get the league games done but our two remaining Scottish Cup ties as well, all the better to secure that quadruple treble. There’s a chance we could still secure that as the SFA wants the Scottish Cup completed even if it’s as the start of the new campaign.

I’m all for that, as it would let us start it with a bit of style.

The Record’s report suggests that the vote is on a knife edge.

The Guardian says that the SPFL proposals will sail through.

The Scotsman reckons there’s not enough support for them and that they’re certain to fail. Who knows?

Certainly not Aidan Smith.

I’ll tell you this, if clubs vote this down they better – all of them – get ready for hard times, the hardest they’ve ever known, and some of them won’t survive it.

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