Alistair Johnson Really Wants To Taunt Celtic About Asterisks And Tainted Titles Does He?

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Imagine someone offering you a debate with Nick Griffin on racial harmony in the UK.

You’d be on that like a shot, even if you weren’t particularly good. You’d know that, really, all you had to do was sound compassionate, and like a human being, and let his fat mouth do the rest. Before the halfway point the audience would be wholly on your side.

Today Scottish football ought to be laughing its collective backside off as Alastair Johnson attempts to lecture us on tainted titles. Celtic, he says, ought to call this title “eight and a half” if the SPLF declares the season void, and stick an asterisk next to it.

This is like Harold Shipman giving out advice on patient care, but of course, the media has given this eejit and his nonsense acres of coverage. I love that they do. Because if they want to re-open this old clam then I’m game for it, any time they like.

Johnson is not currently serving on the board at Ibrox, although he wanted to be.

The SFA blocked him on “fit and proper person” grounds because of his personal involvement in Rangers’ European license application in 2011 and which is the subject of the Resolution 12 case. You can only but conclude that he lied, or at least deliberately misled.

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A Celtic player goes in for a 50/50 ball and the oppositon player comes over the ball with his studs raised and takes it and snaps the Celtic player's leg in the process? What is the correct response?

Johnson was at Ibrox throughout the EBT years, serving on the board with Murray.

It was a period when not only was the club cheating the tax man but they were keeping vital paperwork from the governing bodies, paperwork relating to contracts, in a manner that ought to have had every single one of the games in they were applicable stricken from the record.

Alastair Johnson is a disgrace. One of the few people in the recent history of the game here who couldn’t pass fit and proper at the SFA … when even King managed it. If he wants the debate I’m happy to have it. Let’s talk tainted titles.

We have won ours. On the pitch or off it, this season will Celtic crowned for the ninth year in a row.

We are not going to be stopped, and the coronavirus notwithstanding I will celebrate it as much as any title we’ve won, although the party won’t be as big or as wild as it would have been had this dreadful situation not enveloped us.

Not only do we deserve to win it, but we’ve won it fair and square. There has been no cheating here, no underhanded techniques. The job has been done on the park, over 30 matches. We have a double digit lead. This slavering is pathetic.

The media giving constant space to goons like this is ludicrous.

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