Ann Budge Joins The Lunatics As She Gets On Board With The Beaten Void Campaign.

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The news tonight that Ann Budge has clambered on-board the void the season bandwagon is not as astonishing as it should be.

Her club is trying to scramble up the steep incline of league reconstruction, hoping that they can pull it off in spite of stiff opposition, but their biggest hope still remains a scenario where the entire campaign is somehow written off.

It’s as if the lunatic ward at Hidden Hills opened its doors and invited applications for their spare rooms.

Rats don’t usually clamber onto a sinking ship, but here in Scottish football these are, indeed, strange days.

Budge has apparently not noticed that this argument is over, that it’s been had, that her side has lost.

But then she’s not deep philosopher this woman.

Let’s not forget that she allowed Craig Levein to run the club into the gutter and still didn’t fire him from his cushy job as Director of Football. It is her undoubted strategic brilliance that has put Hearts in this perilous position in the first place.

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Celtic’s greatest ever comeback was in 1967 against Inter Milan. How much of the game had been played before Celtic scored the equaliser?

The woman would be a joke figure anywhere but Scotland, so it ought not to be a surprise to us that she has taken the stupidest position on this that it’s possible to take.

“A team cannot win the league unless 38 games have been played,” she says. “And teams cannot be relegated until 38 games have been played.”

Yet here we are, and here we shall stay.

Budge has now fully aligned herself with Ibrox, which is not a position anyone with even a fraction of common sense would believe was a good one. The losers have banded together in the hope of finding warmth and security; the wind is howling outside though and there is none of either to be had.

Sevco is floundering and Hearts is facing relegation no matter what.

Because in siding with the club that seems determined to pull Scottish football down with it, she has also set herself and her club on a path that will alienate the very chairmen and directors she needs to get her grand scheme for league reconstruction across the line.

Has she been listening to the lunacy that dribbles out of Ibrox every day recently?

That club is toxic, and the idea of voiding the campaign is toxic.

It is toxic because it makes no sense.

It is toxic because it is damaging and destructive.

Besides, all the leagues in the structure below the SPL have ended and winners have been announced; is she really suggesting that the top flight take a different approach and go down a different road?

What is this woman thinking? Is she thinking? Is she even capable of that?

The events of the last week would suggest not.

Hearts are in real trouble under this woman.

I do not see this having any kind of happy ending for them.

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