Budge Goes On The Rampage. This Serial Loser Is Determined To See Her Club Relegated.

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Well, last night’s article on Hearts hasn’t even been up for 12 hours and Ann Budge has confirmed everything I wrote in about how she is determined to be the architect of a total failure. She went on radio last night and had a serious go at the SPFL – which means the clubs as well as the governing bodies – and has lost even more friends along the way.

Amongst her many daft interventions was to say that the reconstruction would only be for a couple of seasons; it now looks like a blatant effort from her and other clubs to save their skins without sparing a second thought to the rest of the game.

This morning, she slammed Celtic and doubled down on her wacky notion that we should not be made champions until 38 games have been played.

So this is a continuation of what she was saying yesterday; Budge is now on the record standing up for voiding the campaign. You could not make this up. She is doing her club no favours at all.

You get the impression that league reconstruction isn’t the priority for this woman, because if it was she might be making more conciliatory noises about it. Instead no-one can quite believe what she’s doing, as she stomps all over the place seeking attention.

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Celtic’s greatest ever comeback was in 1967 against Inter Milan. How much of the game had been played before Celtic scored the equaliser?

In some ways this looks like appeasement policy; an effort to convince her own fans that she is tough. But even they must see this for what it is; self-destructive action which can only result in suffering for their club. They ought to be telling her to get it together.

Right now she just sounds like an idiot. She is behaving in the same reckless fashion we come to expect from the club over at Ibrox.

There is nothing smart, or strategic, about what she is doing here.

Even The Daily Record calls it a “wrecking ball” strategy, and they are broadly supportive of the void the campaign agenda, and would love to see her pull it off.

Under normal circumstances I’d be unhappy at the media giving such attention to two moon howling clubs who are out to wreck the consensus that has been reached across the rest of the game, but in fact I’m quite pleased that they are.

Imagine listening to that rant this morning, or the one last night, in the hope of understanding what’s gone on here.

Would you be in the slightest doubt? It looks like what it is; selfishness on the rampage and the rest of Scottish football be damned.

It’s a mudslinging campaign on stilts, and although most in England will be scratching their head at the way the vote was handled all she and Sevco are doing here is drawing public attention to the fact that the overwhelming majority of the teams up here have voted for the most sensible solution.

I do not know what the Hell this woman is doing, or what she thinks she’s doing.

She is burning up the goodwill that her club will need if it is going to remain a top flight club.

I never believed that any form of league reconstruction would succeed, but I never anticipated that the person the SPFL put in charge of the committee to organise it would be the one to torpedo it so spectacularly.

Of course, I would have found it easier to predict if I’d know who it was going to be.

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