Celtic And The Scottish Game’s Silent Majority Are Watching The Voiders Embarrass Themselves.

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From now on, I’m just going to call them “the voiders.” It has such gruesome connotations.

To void means to empty.

Put a potty underneath them and let them do what they will.

That’s the way I tend to think of it right now, as gruesome as the image is.

Yesterday, the CEO of Morton, Dave McKinnon, used the term “silent majority” to describe those in the game who are remaining calm whilst the voiders lose their minds.

It’s an apt phrase, even if it was used in the most cynical fashion by Richard Nixon, that most cynical of politicians, at least until the current lot came along.

It’s actually a perfect use of words, because whilst a handful of clubs – just two in reality – continue to flaunt their discontent the rest are sitting back counting their money and trying to focus on what might be coming next.

They have no interest in these petty squabbles or those who wish to enact them in public.

Most people have more important things on their minds.

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Celtic’s greatest ever comeback was in 1967 against Inter Milan. How much of the game had been played before Celtic scored the equaliser?

For all that, it’s worth noting what McKinnon actually said because he’s shot down all the nonsensical conspiracy theories out there, and defending the “81%” of clubs who did the right thing and voted for the greater good of the game.

“A lot of the fans have taken note of some of the things in the media but if you look, all this news has come from the clubs who voted no,” he said. “I understand they have an axe to grind and want to protect their club’s positions. But the other 81 per cent who voted for it have kept their powder dry. For example, John Nelms at Dundee is a decent guy and he was put in an invidious position where others were doing the talking for him. It’s been unfair … ultimately the SPFL are making the decisions on the best things for Scottish football – that’s why 81 per cent voted for it and it’s why we voted yes … At no time did we feel there was a gun put to our head, or we were being put under any pressure. The SPFL behaved in the correct manner and a lot of the stick they’ve had has been unjust and unfounded. There’s been mistakes, such as putting the result of the vote out but they’ve acknowledged that and make honest decisions based on the full facts.”

Honest decisions based on the full facts … there it is, as well as it has been put by anyone, and this from one of the clubs who voted yes.

And he is entirely correct, because all the oxygen here has been stolen by that small handful of clubs who are in it for themselves and nobody else.

Oh Gary Ralston might believe that they are the victims and that the rest of football might be committing a heinous crime against them, but we know what Ralston is and we know what his motivations are.

Celtic has been silent. But do not, for one second, believe that is anything more than a strategic decision.

Let Hearts and Sevco do all their squealing; the simple fact is that we will be champions when all this ends and nothing either of those clubs do will matter to that outcome.

It is as certain as anything can be.

There is no opposition that can stop it.

In the meantime, we’re content to sit about the fray, watching as the club that wants to overhaul us swims around in the sewage.

It’s a nice place to be.

Don’t be angry at us for enjoying the show.

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