Celtic Takes The Necessary Steps As Our Club Beds In For What Might Be A Long Haul.

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Football will be back. We know this. Real life will be back.

We will stroll out to the pubs again. We will make ourselves sick on greasy kebabs again.

We will act like results are the only thing in the world that matters.

We will fall back into the old routine and embrace it like an old friend we’ve not seen in a while.

For a time, it will be glorious. Then it will be mundane.

The question most of us have asked ourselves in our darkest moments when thinking about the game is this; will Celtic be around when life does return to normal?

The answer to that was never really in doubt; of course the club will be around.

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Most clubs will be. Few Scottish football grounds are going to become crumbling relics like those Amazonian temples you see sometimes on the telly. Some of them might, but not all. Celtic Park will be standing as a giant monument to how well run clubs can ride out storms like this.

The news yesterday that the players and the management team are to take vastly reduced salaries and defer a portion more for a few months is the perfect answer to those in the media who looked at our surplus and concluded that it would be eaten away as if by termites.

It would have lasted six months. You could extend that now to eight or ten … whilst this crisis could possibly drag on that long I don’t see it.

Too many global enterprises are ongoing to furnish us with a solution and one of them is going to provide an answer to this mess.

The action this week by our players and staff assures that we will be around when this is over. It makes the decision by clubs like Sevco yesterday – attempting to delay an official end to the campaign for their own selfish reasons – all the more unbelievable.

Clubs need money right now, and the Ibrox club would see them denied it just so they can prevent our ninth title.

Yet the consequences for all the clubs are going to be severe if this drags out for more months. What our club has done is remarkable in that it fortified itself against the worst, and the three months between now and July are going to be very, very tough for everyone in the game.

We have assured that we will survive it, and quite comfortably.

Not everyone can say the same.

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