Clubs Are Being Asked To Vote On Voiding The League. Shame On Those Who Say Yes.

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This afternoon clubs are actually going to vote on whether to award the season as it is or to void it entirely in the event games can’t continue.

From where are at the moment, the clubs in favour of voiding the campaigns are not going to succeed.

The writing is on the wall and most of us know that.

But that they would risk the calamitous consequences for their own narrow purposes is shameful.

I have heard every argument in favour of such a travesty and not one of them stands up to real scrutiny.

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That it would deprive clubs of their chances in the games left to play is easily countered when one considers voiding it would eliminate all those games which already have been.

The talk about voiding the campaign assuring there are no losers is countered by the idea that it denies all those clubs who have worked hard to be called winners.

The financial costs will be calamitous. It will break faith with the supporters of every club, who expect the games their team plays in to count.

If the season is brought to a premature close it will be in keeping with the rulebook, and the final places decided on merit.

There is no argument from logic or reason which supports voiding them on “sporting integrity” grounds.

I always thought the clubs would have to make this decision, and I believe we’ll get the right one from them. They understand how devastating it would be for fans, sponsors, TV companies and others to be told that this season has basically been a waste of everyone’s time, meaning nothing.

It is indefensible to argue for this, even from a place of self-interest.

We’ll soon know who those clubs are.

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