Dundee Are Not Set To “Hand Celtic The Title.” We Won The Title, On The Park.

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Let’s get something straight here folks; Dundee are not getting set to “hand Celtic the title” as some in the media, and the febrile minds of Sevconia, would have you believe.

If they do cast their vote for a “yes” this afternoon they will give the governing body enough to effectively bring the lower leagues to an end and see cash payments made to all the clubs.

The SPFL will not end automatically. If there is a mechanism by which the season can be completed, then it will be. UEFA will have to rubber-stamp any decision, but that is seen as a formality. This is a measure to be introduced as a last resort.

But let’s be realistic, we’re at the last resort stages right now.

We’ve reach the point where 1000 people a day are dying in the hospitals alone, and we have no idea what the actual number is because care home data and other sources are available to us yet. This is a crisis of monumental proportions and it is not going to just recede like a bad smell.

We’ll be lucky to see football before August, if at all this year. It’s about time every one of us came to an accommodation with that. There is no hope whatsoever of a minute of football being played in what’s left of this campaign.

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Celtic’s greatest ever comeback was in 1967 against Inter Milan. How much of the game had been played before Celtic scored the equaliser?

So it’s over, and most people realise it.

All the SPFL vote will do is confirm the standings as they currently are; voiding the season is a lunacy that won’t even be entertained. It can’t be if the game itself is to survive. The consequences are known to everyone; even Sevco doesn’t want it, although their public stance is different.

The truth is, even they know it would be a Year Zero event and ruinous to all.

Now watch the narrative shift, to some kind of corruption conspiracy theory wherein Dundee have been bribed or coerced and are getting some kind of payoff to “hand us the league.” It’s bollocks of course. We have won this league, fair and square and on the pitch. If manoeuvres behind the scenes have secured the support of the Dens Park side they were damn all to do with us wanting this settled and our title secured. On or off the field, we earned it.

The coming narrative will have but one purpose; to try and shame us. To try and suggest that it is some form of corruption that has delivered nine in a row. Do not allow these Peepul to get inside your head, do not allow them to push this nonsense.

Challenge it wherever it arises.

Celtic will be deserved champions. The league will have been won on the pitch.

The season will have been cut short, not decided in a smoke filled room, and when the last game was played we had a 13 point lead. There are no “eight games to go” in that scenario … all the games will have been completed. This is not the way we wanted it, but I’m damned if they’re going to shame us.

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