Gerrard Can Criticise The SPFL All He Wants. This Crisis Has Saved His Job And He Knows It.

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It is amazing hearing Steven Gerrard giving lectures on that subject, because Gerrard is not fit to do so.

He has attacked the SPFL today for being a shambles and whilst it’s hard to disagree that they’ve made a raging mess out of this vote thing I am amazed to hear the manager of Sevco going after anyone for that as his club are past masters at it.

Gerrard has been saved by this crisis. He was almost certainly on his way out of Ibrox by the season’s end, with his team having collapsed completely since January and having failed to put together more than a five game winning run in the league since he got that job.

With the second biggest wage budget in the land he has not gotten near a domestic trophy; they can bleat all they want about the League Cup Final but they played against ten men and missed a penalty in that game. It is pitiful for them to still cling to that.

To see him on Sky Sports this morning – without his being asked the key question; should Celtic have got the title? – was embarrassing.

Soft-ball questions, obviously pre-selected.

He was allowed to admit that he doesn’t have the first clue what’s been going on behind the scenes, but that it needs a full and independent investigation.

At a time like this?

Isn’t it amazing that he has the same twisted sense of priorities of everyone else at that club?

I find it endlessly fascinating what Ibrox does to otherwise sensible, rational, people. Gerrard is not exactly in the high IQ category, but still … it must be disconcerting for their more rational fans to hear him sound off like that with a national platform at his disposal.

His criticism of the SPFL today was clueless and desperate, and it came from a guy who knows that he still has a little deflecting to do.

The league has been comfortably won by Celtic, and it would have been even more comfortable had we been able to go up against his rag-bag mob instead of having the game called off. We’d have cleaned his clock and put him on the brink.

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