Gerrard’s Latest Comments Should See Him Hauled Before The SPFL Disciplinary Board.

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Steven Gerrard has slammed the SPFL as being “desperate” to end the season.

This is him peddling the club’s conspiracy myth and he’s doing so in front of a wide audience.

The SPFL is not desperate to end anything.

If there was a chance in Hell of games actually being played the governing body would be pursuing it with vigour, and he is aware of that.

“I want to be back to work, I want to carry on with this season … there’s a real will to finish it.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case with the governing body,” he said.

He knows full well what nonsense that is, and he’s lying about it to promote his club’s own cause. In doing so he risks damaging the reputation of our national sport. It is the very definition of bringing the game into disrepute, and he has a history of such statements.

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Who scored Celtic’s first ever goal against Sevco?

It is high time he was hauled up in front of the beaks for it.

Since arriving in Scotland, Gerrard has traded on his “celebrity” status to get away with things that no other manager would.

Almost from his first day out of the starting gate, he was bleating on about conspiracies against the club.

The governing bodies should have stopped him right there and then, but they allowed it. Attacks on refs followed, and now this.

When do they get a grip on this guy?

When do they take him aside and tell him that he has to follow the same rules as everyone else?

If Neil Lennon went in front of the media to sound off about SPFL and SFA conspiracies against Celtic how long would it take for him to be cited and hauled in front of the beaks?

A week? A day? An hour?

Gerrard is “special” though.

That famous name of his seems to buy him immunity that other managers do not enjoy.

That includes real scrutiny over his performance in the dugout.

He seems to breeze through the Scottish game without anyone questioning a single aspect of his behaviour or his ability.

It’s about time that ended.

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