If The French Are Right, Our Title Wait Goes On. But Do Not Worry, Celtic Will Be Champions.

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A report in France says that UEFA are not going to “rubber stamp” our title this coming week.

If so it’s a blow, but perhaps not as bad a one as some people think.

In fact, what it might do is allow us to celebrate at a time when we’re not in the midst of social distancing Hell.

Look, I don’t expect this thing to be over with any time soon, but if the government loosens some of the restrictions then it might be possible to celebrate with small numbers of family and friends; we’ll just have to wait and see how that goes.

This isn’t definite.

Other reports suggest that the Dutch league is about to award their title to Ajax and they expect UEFA to rubberstamp that right away.

If so they clearly know something we still don’t.

But the report in France suggests that UEFA wants to give this a little more time and with talk that football could resume in Germany soon you can understand why they feel that way … here in the UK I’d say that it’s pretty much over though.

This is the problem with UEFA’s approach to this; they are insisting in one unitary solution when that will clearly not work everywhere.

Unfortunately, countries across Europe are at a different stage of this crisis, and trying to impose a “one size fits all” solution isn’t going to cut it.

The Belarussians are still playing football for God’s sake … a handful of nations have either gotten this under control to some extent or did it right from the start.

So I think it’s not impossible that football could be played in Europe before July … just not everywhere and that’s the standard UEFA seems to want to meet.

They could have shown leadership but have dithered and delayed … I don’t hope for anything different now.

Celtic will be crowned SPL Champions.

That is a fact.

Scottish football has shut up shop, the campaign is over.

We’re moving on, because that’s the only thing left to do.

UEFA will rubber stamp this, it just might not be in the coming seven days.

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