Ignore The Sevco Spin. Aberdeen’s Statement Does Not Support Voiding The Campaign.

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Aberdeen has released a statement tonight calling on the SPFL to wait until the last possible moment before taking a decision to end the current domestic football campaign.

Their statement is already being spun in some quarters because it mentions the words “sporting integrity.”

But it is not an attack on Celtic or anything else; it is a common sense position.

A lot of clubs feel this way, and that includes Celtic. If it is possible the clubs all want to see the season played out to a full, all the better to stop the lunatics from having the run of the asylum and alleging all sorts of conspiracies and stuff.

What the Aberdeen statement is not is anything for the “void the season” crazies to get all excited about. They will cling to the sporting integrity phrase and the press will project those words all over their headlines tomorrow, but Aberdeen’s board knows what has to be done.

If the season cannot be completed, it will be finished on an “as-is” basis.

They voted for that, of course, as did nine other clubs, including ours.

Only Sevco and Hearts – the clubs with the most to lose – voted against that option.

Voiding the campaign is the logic of their position … although there is not the slightest logic in it.

Do not let the media kid you that Aberdeen now supports that lunacy.

They do not.

There is not some new bandwagon rolling here, this is going to end as we always said that it would; Celtic will be awarded the title when UEFA signs off and that will come when the SPFL definitively tells them that the season is over, without hope of resolution.

We’re near that point now, and Aberdeen knows it as well as any club.

Their comments about how we should all have the time to prepare for the 2020-21 campaign are right on the nose.

If there is the slightest chance of that kicking off on schedule we don’t need the distraction of wondering if we can fit the end of this one in.

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