Les Gray Has Kicked The Sevco Conspiracy Theorists Into Touch With His “No Bullying” Claim.

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Today Les Gray of Hamilton – one of the individuals tasked with creating the new taskforce which is looking into league reconstruction – destroyed the Sevconuts claims of intimidation and bullying as regards to the SPFL vote.

Their demand for a review is in the bin.

The truth is coming out in little dribs and drabs as the silent majority who voted for the deal start to come forward to correct the poisonous narrative which is being pushed in the media.

Gray has done the right thing by coming out to talk about this stuff. I cannot believe more SPFL chairman haven’t done so.

I think some of them might over the next couple of days because they must be sick and tired of this constant media narrative that dirty deeds have been done and pressure has been put on everyone.

“The board is there purely to enact the will of the clubs,” Gray said.

“And 81% of clubs voted in favour of this resolution. It’s a clear endorsement of the clubs’ position … It’s the clubs that voted ‘no’ that are the noisiest. And I’m looking at what their motives might be. If you’ve met Neil Doncaster, the idea that he bullied anyone is absolutely hysterical. I feel sorry for him and (others) for the way they’ve been treated. They’ve remained silent in the face of huge provocation. And I think we really need to take a look at these accusations being thrown around.”

That is not simply driving a wrecking ball through the claims, but he’s asking us to take a good look at those who are doing the moaning, and that’s important because every one of those clubs has an agenda.

Every one of them is acting out of self-interest and they do not care what happens to the rest of the game.

It is appalling the way they are behaving.

Gray has done Scottish football a service here.

We owe him our thanks.

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