Michael Beale’s League Cup Final Comments Are Embarrassing. Celtic Won That Trophy With Ten Men.

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When you are talking as a member of the coaching staff whose team has lost a cup final against ten men it is probably not a great idea to beat your chest and talk about how the game was “one sided” in your club’s favour.

When you go on to describe it as maybe the most one sided loss in history you really are taking the piss, but only out of yourself.

As I’ve written before, this is the kind of pitiful whining that is the province of the losers.

Only losers hang on to defeat like it was a victory, trying to find a positive in what was an overwhelmingly negative experience.

It sounds like making excuses, and it should because, friends, that’s exactly what it is.

Their management team blew it.

If our team had been faced by ten men Lennon would never have gotten it as wrong as Gerrard did.

We’d have put our foot on their throat and we’d have delivered.

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Who scored Celtic’s first ever goal against Sevco?

That’s what this Celtic team has tended to do when the chips are down; they deliver.

Sevco has proved incapable of that, and the more glorious the opportunity they have been presented with the bigger the failure has been. If their fans can’t understand why there is no real debate going on as to Celtic’s right to claim the title they only need to look at their own dire form and start there.

We, on the other, hand, powered through.

Beale is embarrassing himself and his club with this kind of trash talking.

How can he think he’s doing them any favours with this? It draws attention to their own catastrophic lack of quality; they missed a penalty, played against ten men for most of the match and still lost … what else can you say except that they ought to be focussing inward rather than on us?

Beale and his manager have been disastrous for Sevco.

They have failed to win a single trophy, they have watched as Celtic has won five out of six, they have squandered millions on a second rate squad that doesn’t look capable of challenging, and they’ve never taken a single minute to question whether or not any of this is their fault.

I hope these guys are at Ibrox for years to come.

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