Scottish Football Is In Crisis And Shameless Sevco Wants To Investigate A Decades Old Rumour.

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Dave King was not the problem at Ibrox after all.

You know, I thought that when he rolled out of town that Sevco might start to operate on a rational and sane basis.

For sure, I believed that their club would start to conduct itself in that way.

But it is now clear, after a couple of weeks, that King wasn’t the problem after all, or if he was he was not, in any sense, the only problem over there.

Today, Sevco has leaked it to the press that Douglas Park is demanding answers from Murdoch MacLennan, the chairman of the SPFL, in relation to a magazine article from eons ago. Indeed, it was something that appeared in a tiny segment of Private Eye, the tittle-tattler’s publication of choice, wherein he is supposed to have told people he “hates” Rangers.

Could anything be less important at the current time? I mean, seriously?

Could anything in the world possibly be less consequential, less deserving of oxygen?

Have the Peepul over there no sense of time or proportion at all?

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Celtic’s greatest ever comeback was in 1967 against Inter Milan. How much of the game had been played before Celtic scored the equaliser?

Do they not understand that the world is in the midst of the greatest crisis of our lifetimes and that that football itself is bleeding out?

Can you even imagine the level of self-absorption it must take to be thinking this way, when all around us the world is coming apart?

This is about the SPFL vote, of course, and Sevco’s bizarre motion which didn’t make it to the table. This is about them thinking they are hard done by again, when in point of fact if you read their own initial press release on this they submitted that motion knowing full damned well that it wasn’t up to snuff.

But of course, it’s about more than that.

It’s about Celtic and the ninth title, and how there is no way to prevent us from securing it now.

The null and void “option” isn’t on the table, it’s not even being considered, and the Ibrox club knows it … and so this is about casting as much doubt on the process by which the season was brought to an end as possible.

Think of how stinking this looks to the outside world though; a club that had no chance of catching us smearing administrators, threatening legal actions, stirring up resentment and hate and stoking the most ridiculous conspiracy theories and for what?

They gain nothing out of any of this; it’s an assault on Celtic, to nobody’s benefit.

It is Sevco behaving as it always does, slinging mud and acting disgracefully for its own sake.

It is an abysmal time for this sort of petty pointscoring, this wallowing, this self-indulgence, but they have no shame.

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