Sevco Are Being Squeezed By Hagi’s People. Their Hype Has Come Back To Haunt Them.

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Everyone who reads this blog knows that I scorn the idea that Sevco’s on-loan Romanian is anywhere near to being the player they imagine him as.

His father was an elite footballer of momentous skill. His son is a shadow in his very large shadow.

The hype surrounding his has been unreal, although I wonder if has extended far beyond the borders of Scotland.

Today he’s linked with two massive EPL teams, Manchester City and Spurs.

I’m certain that neither club is remotely interested in the player who flopped in Belgium and who has put in only a handful of decent displays in a Sevco shirt, but no matter … the Scottish media machine had him valued at £100 million. This does wonders for a big ego.

There are all sorts of contradictory noises over this.

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Celtic’s greatest ever comeback was in 1967 against Inter Milan. How much of the game had been played before Celtic scored the equaliser?

The player’s agent is the one pushing the stories about other clubs, at the same time as he claims the player will sign on at Ibrox for £4.5 million “in the summer.” This would be the summer of the global health crisis, when Sevco have never been so skint.

It seems clear that the agent is trying to drum up interest in his client, and especially as he has to be well aware that the Ibrox club would struggle to realise the fee for him.

It is designed to put pressure on them over it and get them to find the cash from somewhere … but where?

Sevco fans, who do believe this guy is a superstar – they believe that about Kent and many of them still think Glen Kamara is a £40 million footballer – will be bemused if the club doesn’t take the option … but it all looks increasingly unlikely.

This is another Ibrox mess of their own making.

It was their PR department, before the global health crisis scuppered a whole summer of plans to sell a top player and rebuild the team with the proceeds, who started pushing this guy as a superstar … and now his agent has piggybacked on that and is talking him up as a potential EPL footballer … that doesn’t just keep the transfer fee high but will give the agent a player fantasises of a super-sized salary too.

Everything that club does turns to dreck … and tomorrow I’m going to tell you why they are in a world of trouble with no end in sight.

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