Sevco Fans Are Threatening Boycotts Again. It’s The Softest Bluff In All Of Football.

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As we near the results of the SPFL and SFA vote today, the children of Sevconia are as angry and frustrated as they have ever been.

Their fury will erupt full scale if these measures pass, or if the SPFL comes back a new set of them which result in the same outcome.

I think the vote today will fail; in those circumstances Celtic should simply let the children squabble amongst themselves and sit back and watch the chaos. I wholly disagree with this “average points” nonsense, but can see where it’s originated.

If the leagues are not decided on some system which respects games played and results obtained – in other words, if the whole campaign is set aside as if it never happened – the shockwaves will tear down entire clubs.

I content myself with knowing that Celtic will not be one of them. We’ll weather this for six months or more if that’s what it takes … other teams will go to the wall before this campaign is even out of the sensible measures which are on the table get rejected.

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Who scored Celtic’s first ever goal against Sevco?

I think that the vote will fail today but that the SFA and SPFL will get some version of it over the line, once they give certain guarantees and assurances. In that case, Sevco will complain about bribery and everything else, and their whole support will go nuts.

In that scenario they’ll try the ultimate intimidation tactic.

They are threatening the fabled boycott. It’s the emptiest threat in all of football.

Fans never boycott.

Not when their teams are supposedly chasing titles and trophies.

Sevco fans have issued these kind of demands and ultimatums before and nobody really takes them seriously.

The idea of it is ridiculous.

This is what they do though.

They throw screaming fits when they don’t get their way.

Believe me, they had given up on the league.

Voiding the campaign is their one shot, and they know it, and that they are clutching to that straw is demented.

That their club is going along with it is absolutely shameful and they know it, and don’t care.

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