Sevco Is Examining “All Legal Options Available.” Guess What? They Don’t Have Any.

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Cometh the hour, cometh the statement.

It’s that time again, folks, as if you didn’t know.

You could set your watch to it.

It used to come with a klaxon, now it comes with a howl at the moon.

The Gods of Sevco have spoken, and as per usual it’s much ado about nothing.

The vote cannot be taken seriously, they claim. Which is why they waited until Dundee had voted in favour of the proposals to say so, I’d presume. Dundee’s explanation – which they clarified again this evening – makes perfect sense … Sevco does not accept it though and is still making a list of demands like a hostage taker.

Except they’ve lost the hostage.

The threat of legal action is what the papers are going for.

The thing is, there was no threat of legal action to be had. The statement says the club is considering “all legal options available” but as I’m sure their well-fed lawyers have already told them there are exactly none.

The “evidence” they have is not going to change the narrative here; if it was they would give it to the media and watch as the game pulled itself apart.

Instead they posture.

One of their fan sites tonight says it will only be handed over to “an independent investigator” which we know they aren’t going to get.

They wail about the closed shop of the SPFL doing an internal inquiry, but they didn’t moan when the SFA gave them permission to investigate themselves over Charlie Chuckles and his links to Craig Whyte, did they?

Nobody at Ibrox was moaning then.

What they are really pissed off about tonight is that every club has gotten behind this now, including Thistle – who’s statement tonight was excellent – and Hearts, who have been bought off with the chance at league reconstruction.

A poor chance, because there is not an earthly way it will get through the voting system.

But for the moment they are placated.

Sevco is all alone here, pissing into the wind.

All their “allies” have deserted them. They had none to begin with, just a marriage of convenience with other clubs whose agendas were pretty clear and self-interested. They liked the idea of a club with nothing to play for giving them some support … although they knew exactly what Sevco’s game was just as the rest of us do.

The Ibrox club are the ones who look like mugs here in believing those other sides would stand shoulder to shoulder with them. It was never happening.

Indeed, this is exactly what I predicted last night. Sevco had no friends in this because not one other club has seriously entertained the idea that the campaign should be voided, and for sure none of the clubs are going to entertain it now.

They say they want to “evaluate all options” for ending the campaign; there are exactly two and that is known to all but the insane.

Either we get a spectacular break in this thing, which we won’t, and are able to finish the season on the pitch at some point or the campaign ends the way the three leagues below the SPFL have … that’s the precedent now, that’s the position, and nobody seriously thinks it can be challenged or stopped.

So for Sevco, they’ve already lost and they know it.

All they can do at this point is add another defeat to the one they’ve just suffered and that’s what they are doing with all this posturing. I know that it’s partly necessary to appease their supporters but really … they are only damaging themselves by playing this silly wee game.

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